Hydraulic Presses & Machines


Hydraulic presses are the devices that use hydraulic cylinders to produce a compressive force. Essem Engineers is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of Hydraulic presses and machines. Our presses incorporate the latest hydraulic and electrical parts, offering wide operational functionality and flexibility.

We offer different frame styles to virtually fit every hydraulic press applications whether it is needed in Automobile, Rubber Industry, Textile and Leather, Railways, Energy, Steel Industry or Laboratory Equipments. All structural parts of our presses and machines are optimized using limited element analysis to guarantee maximum tensional rigidity and stiffness.

A highly alert and skilled team of knowledgeable engineers, combined together with modern technology, allow Essem Engineers to offer the designing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing of the hydraulic presses and machines in an efficient way. We also have the ability to discover, engineer, manufacture presses and machines to suit customized applications, and this has become the key strength of our firm.  Hydraulic presses and machines are generally used for clinching, forging, molding, punching, blanking, metal forming, and deep drawing operations.

Salient features and specifications:

  • PLC Control with a digital operator interface
  • Heavy duty industrial designs with 4:1 safety factor
  • Minimal deflection design
  • Oil cooler
  • Overload protection
  • Full tonnage throughout cycle or stroke