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Traction Lifts

Traction Lifts

Essem Engineers is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of traction lifts. We have a wide variety of traction lifts to offer to our customers. Our supreme quality products completely comply with the International Standards BS. Traction Lifts make use of significantly less power than the hydraulic systems with similar statistics, yet they can achieve high speed and deal professionally with an extensive variety of lift capacities.  Your travel comfort is assured by the excellent stopping precision and low noise operation of these lifts.

Essem Engineers Traction drive lifts have the whole lift systems situated within the lift’s shaft. The quiet and smooth driving unit works most efficiently with counter-weight system, reducing power consumption greatly. These systems also are very easy to maintain without any need of lubrication or oiling. The combination of minimal energy consumption and low cost maintenance leads to exceptional long term effectiveness and low running costs.

Our traction lifts range has a capacity of carrying 4 – 10 people. We can however customize it as per the clients’ requirements. You can be rest assured that we use the best quality materials to manufacture these traction lifts.

Salient features & specifications:

  • Speeds up to almost 1.0 m/s
  • Capacity range: 380kg to 2000kg
  • Wide variety of finishes