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Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic presses are the machines that have a plate or a bed in which metallic materials are placed an order that they can be crushed, molded or straightened. Essem Engineers is the most trustworthy hydraulic presses manufacturer in the industry. We have delivered many hydraulic presses to clients across the world. We have grown as one of biggest international and national hydraulic press manufacturer and supplier. Essem Engineers manufactures hydraulic presses for blanking, forging, coining, deep drawing, hobbling, honing, broaching, and general engineering purposes with complete technical and package know how.

Our finest range of these Hydraulic Presses is technically superior, offering fast entry, fast return and slow pressing speeds. Regulatory, rotary encoders or proximity switches & potentiometers support maneuverability in speed. Frames of Hydraulic Presses are created by ultrasonic devices.

The frames are completely stress-relieved by suitable thickness and ultrasonic vibrators to withstand the longer life & load of the press. All the hydraulic presses we manufacture are extra long, hardened guides and accurately engineered to face slides, offering accuracy and alignment with minimum deterioration.

Salient features & specifications:

  • Annual output: 30 million
  • Pressure: 6800
  • Motor power: 75 KW
  • Optimum frames tightness
  • Combined damping system to minimizes tool wear and noise
  • Extra long, precisely engineered and hardened guide to face slides, offering accuracy & alignment
  • Accurate engineering to obtain parallelism between bed & platen & right angularity