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Dock Leveler

Dock Leveler

Essem Engineers is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a range of Dock Levelers that cater to all the needs of 
engineering and many other industries. Our dock levelers product line is well-designed for compensating the difference in height between different lorry ramps and floors precisely. Using dock levelers, the loads can be moved out or in of the lorry within a solo horizontal movement. They provide outstanding lifting height for works and are strong in construction as they are designed using higher technology. Highly functional and reliable, our product variety can be acquired in various capacities and sizes by the customers.

Our customers can avail an elite gamut of Dock Levelers that are ideal equipment for utilizing wherever there is any difference in the levels where the products are stored and leveled where they’re to be transported from us. These Dock Leveler equipment’s act as bridge and enable a quick, economical and easy flow of working.  Having high loads bearing capacity, these levelers are now available in various tailored models to suit specific requirements of our customers. 

Salient features & specifications:

  • Manual, battery operated & electric operated
  • Capacity ranging from 500 to 10000 KGs
  • High Load Bearing Capacity
  • Easy to Install & Operate
  • Long lasting, safe & reliable