Hydraulic Power Packs AC/DC

A C Power Pack

A C Power Pack

Essem Engineers offers high quality AC power packs with right electric motor. These power packs provide proper force for moving, lowering and lifting heavy materials. These power packs are used for forklift, conveyor, car lift, scissor lift and dock leveler currently. Most of these power packs contain components such as a reservoir pump, level indicator, suction strainer and filler breather. There are adjustable valves in these packs. These valves are mainly used to adjust the pressure of system. Various valves such as pressure control and flow control can be easily added according to the demands of the clients. These are made using the finest kind of materials on the market.

These AC power packs are utilized where there is a requirement of hydraulic fluid. The AC power packs offered by us are simple to function and are noted for lower maintenance costs. The fix solenoid and flexible hoses makes these machines truly unique from all other AC power packs. The AC power packs are utilized for performing hard tasks without any trouble. It is considered as a reliable product.

Salient features & specifications:

  • General capacity: 300 LPM
  • Flow capacity: 1.5 LPM to 250 LPM
  • Electric Motor Size: .25 HP to 50HP
  • Pressure: 400 kg/cm2
  • Power .25 HP to 50 HP