Essem Engineers – The Best Traction Lifts Manufacturer

Elevators and lifts are very advantageous in terms of portability. They allow us to conveniently and easily get access to higher building levels without having to handle the stress of moving up endless flight of stairs. All lifts use a specially intended hoist mechanism which allows the lift to safely move in the shaft or hoist way. The hoist mechanism which is selected for a specific elevator depends on many factors, including the number of floors a building has and the comfort of movement. One of the popular lifts being used are traction lifts. All the working mechanisms of a traction lift are found on the top of the lift car. Movement in traction elevators is facilitated by steel ropes attached to a heavy duty pulley.

Movement of the pulley results in pulling of ropes which causes the lift car in turn to move either up or down. There are two types of traction elevators; they are geared traction elevators and gearless traction elevators. With geared traction lift, a motor is linked to the pulley that allows hoisting. With the gearless system, no gear is present in the mechanism. Normally, gearless traction lift is used for buildings having more than 20 floors and they function with a speed of 500 feet/minute. The geared traction elevator is used for buildings that are normally around 300 feet high. They come with the same speed as that of the gearless traction systems.

Essem Engineers is a very famous traction lifts manufacturer offering all types of traction lifts made using finest raw materials to make sure of their long life and smooth working. We are the best traction lifts manufacturer.