High Quality Machines from Essem Engineers

Aluminum and copper bar cutter are the most extensively used metals at any construction site because of their ductility and malleability. To have these metals in a desired shape, a size cutter is used. These cutters are tricky to operate and hence only experienced professionals have the authority to operate them, while sometimes even they can have a slip.

But with the precisely designed Aluminum and copper bar cutter manufactured by Essem Engineers, you can have safe and smooth operations at the work sites and can deliver the project in time by adhering to quality. The most common places of utilization of these machines are at  bridge construction sites, rail projects etc.



The cutter is made of cast iron and is hydraulically controlled. The clutch control makes the operation of this device safe, fast and accurate. The general specified model has an output of 3 tons. While the other models are customizable according to customer needs.

We, Essem Engineers are a Delhi based well known special purpose machines manufacturer. We stand by the standards and specifications of production of the machines and hence have developed a strong base of national and international clients over a decade. Also, we have made it a point, to commission the product before the final delivery to our customer. For placing an order with us, drop a mail on info@essemengineers.com and you will hear from us.

All about Dock Levelers

A dock leveler as a platform is useful for transporting equipments, vehicles and other heavy devices as it helps in the loading and unloading of goods. Use of the dock leveler has become a common feature at loading bays across industries.

The dock leveler is essentially a height-adjustable platform, which is used as a bridge between a dock and the truck. It can be operated via mechanical (spring), hydraulic, or air powered systems. It reduces the risk of damage to the objects being loaded and it can also reduce risk for the people involved in the loading process.

Trailers are of the height that sometimes is not the same as of the dock (either higher than or lower than the dock). The main function of dock levelers is to move things up or down, based on where the trailer bed is situated. Hence machines like forklifts can travel to the dock safely and smoothly.

There are multiple kinds of dock levelers such as Hydraulic, Mechanical, Air-powered and Specialty. Hydraulic consists of Standard Hydraulic (RHH), the Vertical Hydraulic (RHV) and the Jumbo (RHJ) that offers full-width trailers’ access.

Air-Powered dock leveler contains Air-Tower (RHA). It is like hydraulic leveler and avoids any possible stump-out problem. The Mechanical dock leveler consists of Standard Mechanical dock levelers (RHM) and Edge-of-Dock levelers (RHE). The Truck and Railcar Activated are Specialty dock levelers for trucks and railcars.

dock leveler manufacturer

Among the multiple special purpose machines manufacturers in India, Essem Engineers figures amongst the leading few. Special-purpose machines are designed to carry out special machining operations in the production sector; dock leveler being one of them.

Highly functional and reliable, our dock leveler product variety is available in various capacities and sizes for the customers. The levelers are well designed and can aptly compensate the difference in height between different lorry ramps and floors precisely.

Having high loads bearing capacity, these levelers are also available in various tailored models in order to suit specific requirements of customers.

The primary specifications as specified by customers are listed below:
• Manual, battery operated & electric operated
• Capacity ranging from 500 to 10000 KGs
• High Load Bearing Capacity
• Easy to Install & Operate
• Long lasting, safe & reliable

Hence, if in need of a dock leveler or of any other kind of special purpose machine, you can contact Essem Engineers today and get your industry specific dock leveler delivered at your doorstep.

A Tailor Made Machine Tool

Special Purpose Machines or SPMs are machines, which are not obtained able off the shelf. They are not enclosed within Standard Manufacturing Programs, and hence, are designed and tailor made with customers specific requirements. SPMs are also known as Bespoke Machinery.

With being the Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers, we also provide Dock Levelers. These SPMs are required for soaring production rates and consistent qualities which is today’s call in the engineering manufacturing sector. These machines help in almost every metal cutting operation viz.,milling, turning, boring, tapping, drilling, etc. These machines keep you way ahead of others, in huge production industries like electrical component manufacturing, manufacture of automobile components, pump or valve manufacturing industry etc.

SPMs are used in industries, which use machines like, Brush like De-Burring Machine, Automatic Chamfering &Drilling Machinery, Placer and Picker Units, Rotary Indexing, Digit Punching Machines, and lot more.

Essem Engineers provides SPM Machines that are useful in making the procedure speedy &automatic with the desired accuracy and Dock Levelers that are useful in bridging the elevated gap between lorry and ramp floors. As Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers, the company provides machines, which give utmostaccuracy and production, level at the same time.

Gradually the interest and demand for special purpose machines is increasing, as these machines are usefulin several applications. The tools for SPMs are designed to execute special machining operations, generally for production purposes. The examples includes gear- grinding & gear- cutting machines, honing and lapping machines, broaching machines, boring machines, etc.

Special Purpose Machinery for Specific Functions

Production work in a company requires different machinery. Some of the machines and their parts are custom made for specific production functions while some are special purpose machines that are designed to perform specific functions. Some of these machines include:

Aluminum and Copper Bar Cutters
As the name suggests, these units are used for cutting metal bars. Aluminum and Copper cutters are used to cut the specific metal bar. The cutters vary according to type, output and the metals they can cut. Mostly, standard specification bar cutters are available for sale. However one can get a unit customized according to the need.

Power Packs for Site Work
The Power Packs provide portable power at the sites. Some of these power packs are designed for easy portability. They can conveniently be carried from one site to another as and when required.


Dock Levelers
Dock levelers are used to bridge the gap between the dock and the vehicle where the goods have to be loaded and unloaded. The levelers make the task easy by providing a level platform. These units are of various types like mechanical, air-powered and hydraulic. Mechanical units need to be operated manually, air-powered units and hydraulic units work with a push of a button. Hydraulic units are specially good for loading and unloading very heavy weights.

Water Canons
Water canons, as we all know, are used to shoot water at a high velocity. It is used by fire fighters and also for controlling riots. These can be hydraulically powered which uses pressurized hydraulic oil. Or it can have a pneumatic system which uses pressurized gas for functioning. Essem Engineers manufactures both hydraulic and pneumatic water canons.

Waste Handling Equipments
Waste handling equipments include auto tippers and hoppers (used for collecting and dumping garbage), dumper placer (works as a tipper as well as a crane), container lifting systems, etc.

Almost all special purpose machines can be customized according to customer specifications. Essem Engineers are one of the few manufacturers in Delhi who provide customization on their units.