Hydraulic Presses Engineered for Customized Applications

Hydraulic presses are machines which have a plate or a bed where the metallic materials are placed in order that they can be crushed, straightened or molded. They are devices that use hydraulic cylinders to produce compressive force and hence use the hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever, which was also known as the Bramah press.

The hydraulic press bases its functioning on the Pascal’s principle, i.e. the pressure throughout a closed system is constant. One part of the system is a piston acting as a pump, with a modest mechanical force acting on a small cross – sectional area; the other part is a piston with a larger area which generates a simultaneously large mechanical force. Only a small – diameter tubing (which more easily resists pressure) is needed if the pump is separated from the press cylinder.

The hydraulic press is used for various purposes like blanking, forging, coining, deep drawing, hobbling, honing, broaching and other general engineering purposes.

The technically superior hydraulic presses offer a fast entry, fast return and slow pressing speeds. They are supported by regulatory, rotary encoders or proximity switches and potentiometers that helps in the adjustability of speed.



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