Hydraulic Car Lift and its Functions

Hydraulic car lifts are a type of hydraulic scissor lifts. They are used for lifting cars above the ground level for different requirements. The hydraulic car lifts may find usage in garages, car showrooms, buildings, service centers, parking facilities and workshops.

These lifts are specifically designed for diverse needs and are available in different heights, size and loading capabilities.

The hydraulic car lift usually can be seen in action in a stock cars race, where a car lift is slided under the car for changing tyres or changing oil. They quicken the process and help in providing an apt height to the car for efficient changing.

Hydraulic Car Lifts

The hydraulic car lifts can be broadly classified into three categories, which include the Two Post Lifts, the Four Post Lifts and Specialty Lifts.

Two Post Lifts help in lifting the vehicle on two posts. They also have four arms, two on each post, which are the used to keep the car at its place during movement.

Four Post Lifts have four posts and a metal ramp is fixed on the lift to help drive the vehicle on it. Once the car is in place, it is raised by simply pushing a button. The posts have self- locking system that keeps the car in its place.

Specialty Lifts mainly include low rise car lifts, single post lifts and parking/stacking lifts. These lifts possess the hydraulic scissor lift like function.

Hydraulic scissor lifts are a diverse lift type and include the Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table, Hydraulic Elevator, Hydraulic Work Platform, Zero Level Lift, Tandem Lift, Hydraulic Stacker Lifts and many others in its category.

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About Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts do enable admittance to elevated work area by raising a framework with a scissor device. The elevation is controlled with the hydraulic cylinders activated by fluid while the retraction is controlled by slow release of that fluid back in the sump.

The hydraulic scissor lifts and hydraulic car lifts are broadly used in construction industries and, accordingly, security is a critical factor in designing, manufacturing, and in their operations.

For increase in the loading ability of scissor lift, elements in the lift, like the hydraulic motor, are replaced with more or larger powerful components. Other than increasing the capability of the lift, engineers must ensure that maintenance of safe operating conditions is given in the set of components. For doing this, the engineer should determine the rate of descent and ascent and the forces & pressures produced by the hydraulic cylinders.

The basic application of the hydraulic scissor lifts are in industries like railways, heavy industries, chemical plants, airports, thermal power stations, in heavy maintenance jobs like in industrial shops, air-crafts, manufacturing industries, etc.

The salient features generally include being easy to operate, helps in sturdy construction, lesser maintenance costs, and provide higher service life.

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