Superior Aluminum and Copper Bar Cutter

Aluminium and Copper Bar Cutter is a special purpose machine, which is designed for specific machining operations, generally for the production purpose.

The bar cutting machines are the kinds of cutting equipment which is used at construction sites, for cutting bars utilizing hydraulic power. The body of these machines is constructed of cast iron and the whole design is inflexible in structure.

The blades offered in the bar cutting machine are of a solid nature and can also be replaced easily. A complete safe cutting is carried out through this bar cutter as it is facilitated with a clutch system.

The aluminum and copper bar cutting machines find its key applications in industries including bridge projects, rail projects and in construction sites.

The aluminum and copper bar cutter is a special purpose machine because it helps in achieving a high production rate. Also, it requires technical expertise and product specific knowledge for its manufacturing.


The special purpose machines are designed and developed for nearly all metal cutting tasks like milling, boring, turning, drilling, grinding, tapping etc. These machines keep you ahead of others in high production industries like automobile component manufacturing and valve and pump manufacturing.

Essem Engineers is a premium manufacturer of aluminum and copper bar cutters. It uses only quality raw materials from reliable vendors for the manufacturing of its products. Its expertise lies in offering machines that give an extreme cutting accuracy in a single go and hence reduces labor.

The salient features of Essem’s bar cutters include:

  • Output: 3 tons
  • Available in customized specifications

Therefore, among the various special purpose machines, manufacturers in Delhi, Essem Engineers is a leading name and is known for its qualitative product line.

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High Quality Machines from Essem Engineers

Aluminum and copper bar cutter are the most extensively used metals at any construction site because of their ductility and malleability. To have these metals in a desired shape, a size cutter is used. These cutters are tricky to operate and hence only experienced professionals have the authority to operate them, while sometimes even they can have a slip.

But with the precisely designed Aluminum and copper bar cutter manufactured by Essem Engineers, you can have safe and smooth operations at the work sites and can deliver the project in time by adhering to quality. The most common places of utilization of these machines are at  bridge construction sites, rail projects etc.



The cutter is made of cast iron and is hydraulically controlled. The clutch control makes the operation of this device safe, fast and accurate. The general specified model has an output of 3 tons. While the other models are customizable according to customer needs.

We, Essem Engineers are a Delhi based well known special purpose machines manufacturer. We stand by the standards and specifications of production of the machines and hence have developed a strong base of national and international clients over a decade. Also, we have made it a point, to commission the product before the final delivery to our customer. For placing an order with us, drop a mail on and you will hear from us.