A Tailor Made Machine Tool

Special Purpose Machines or SPMs are machines, which are not obtained able off the shelf. They are not enclosed within Standard Manufacturing Programs, and hence, are designed and tailor made with customers specific requirements. SPMs are also known as Bespoke Machinery.

With being the Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers, we also provide Dock Levelers. These SPMs are required for soaring production rates and consistent qualities which is today’s call in the engineering manufacturing sector. These machines help in almost every metal cutting operation viz.,milling, turning, boring, tapping, drilling, etc. These machines keep you way ahead of others, in huge production industries like electrical component manufacturing, manufacture of automobile components, pump or valve manufacturing industry etc.

SPMs are used in industries, which use machines like, Brush like De-Burring Machine, Automatic Chamfering &Drilling Machinery, Placer and Picker Units, Rotary Indexing, Digit Punching Machines, and lot more.

Essem Engineers provides SPM Machines that are useful in making the procedure speedy &automatic with the desired accuracy and Dock Levelers that are useful in bridging the elevated gap between lorry and ramp floors. As Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers, the company provides machines, which give utmostaccuracy and production, level at the same time.

Gradually the interest and demand for special purpose machines is increasing, as these machines are usefulin several applications. The tools for SPMs are designed to execute special machining operations, generally for production purposes. The examples includes gear- grinding & gear- cutting machines, honing and lapping machines, broaching machines, boring machines, etc.

Why Essem Engineers Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders are the Best?

Welcome to the world of Essem Engineers. We focus on the design & production of Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders, which are specifically planned for your equipment, your task and towards your specifications. To match our bespoke services we carry huge stocks of the product at standard specification, always ready for prompt delivery.

We have the philosophy to frequently develop our service for hydraulic cylinders manufacturer through training, investment, and focusing on our activities to meet the requirements of our clients timely and effectively.

Clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders are machines that use liquid as their medium for power. In this kind of machine the hydraulic cylinders manufacturer also demand for hydraulic fluid which is transmitted all over the machine and it is rushed according to its resistance presence. The fluid is to be controlled automatically or directly by control valves & distributed through tubes & hoses. The attractiveness of hydraulic equipments is owing to the huge amount of power, which can be transferred by flexible hoses & small tubes, and the soaring power density and broad array of actuators can use this power.

Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

No stone is left unturned towards ensuring the quality of the products that is clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders. Our team not only works in the direction of checking the products for their quality but also improve it with the intention that the final products are hassle free and that the clients are completely contented with it. The different parameters on which quality of product is checked are:

• Finishing
• Durability
• Design
• Functionality
• Raw materials used

The team of Essem Engineers also makes sure that our products be safely packed, set free on time, & meet the requirements of the clients adequately.

Special Purpose Machinery for Handling Solid Waste

Tons of garbage accumulates each day in local garbage dumping sites in the city. This has to be collected and dumped away from the city area for proper disposal and recycling. Special machines are used in the process to make things easier and quick.

These units are manufactures by various manufacturers. One of the special purpose machines manufacturers in Delhi, for example, are Essem Engineers. While industry people mostly know them and other such manufacturing units for their various other machines like hydraulic cylinders, paver press, scissor lifts, etc., they also make machines for solid waste handling.

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Some of the machines used in handling of solid waste include:

Garbage Carriers / Garbage Vehicles / Dustbin Lorries: These are used to carry the garbage from the local garbage sites to the dumping ground. They are highly durable vehicles with the ability to carry huge loads.

Auto Tipper: The auto tipper consists of a container attached at the back of the garbage vehicle. This container is loaded with garbage and on reaching the dumping ground the container is lifted with hydraulic system. This allows all garbage to slide out from the container easily. The tipper is so designed that when the heavy container is lifted, its load is still balanced and the vehicle does not overturn with the weight.

Dumper Placer: Dumper placer is used to place the container on the garbage vehicle. You must have seen huge metal garbage containers in the city area. These containers are hooked on to the arms of the dumper placer and lifted hydraulically for placing them on the dustbin lorry. Once emptied in the landfill site, these containers are kept back in place in the city area for further garbage collection.

Track Loaders: Waste handling track loaders can be used to pick up and transfer solid waste easily and with great efficiency. These are not only used for collecting waste but are also used to perform various functions at landfill sites. This machine can easily be maneuvered by the person operating it.

Special purpose machines manufacturers in Delhi can be approached for more information on the usage and functionality of these machines. Essem Engineers manufacture some of these machines; you can approach other manufacturers too if you are looking for something more.

Special Purpose Machinery for Specific Functions

Production work in a company requires different machinery. Some of the machines and their parts are custom made for specific production functions while some are special purpose machines that are designed to perform specific functions. Some of these machines include:

Aluminum and Copper Bar Cutters
As the name suggests, these units are used for cutting metal bars. Aluminum and Copper cutters are used to cut the specific metal bar. The cutters vary according to type, output and the metals they can cut. Mostly, standard specification bar cutters are available for sale. However one can get a unit customized according to the need.

Power Packs for Site Work
The Power Packs provide portable power at the sites. Some of these power packs are designed for easy portability. They can conveniently be carried from one site to another as and when required.


Dock Levelers
Dock levelers are used to bridge the gap between the dock and the vehicle where the goods have to be loaded and unloaded. The levelers make the task easy by providing a level platform. These units are of various types like mechanical, air-powered and hydraulic. Mechanical units need to be operated manually, air-powered units and hydraulic units work with a push of a button. Hydraulic units are specially good for loading and unloading very heavy weights.

Water Canons
Water canons, as we all know, are used to shoot water at a high velocity. It is used by fire fighters and also for controlling riots. These can be hydraulically powered which uses pressurized hydraulic oil. Or it can have a pneumatic system which uses pressurized gas for functioning. Essem Engineers manufactures both hydraulic and pneumatic water canons.

Waste Handling Equipments
Waste handling equipments include auto tippers and hoppers (used for collecting and dumping garbage), dumper placer (works as a tipper as well as a crane), container lifting systems, etc.

Almost all special purpose machines can be customized according to customer specifications. Essem Engineers are one of the few manufacturers in Delhi who provide customization on their units.

Hydraulic Paving Press for Making Paving Stones

Hydraulic Paving Press is an important machinery in the hydraulic system manufacturers range of products. It is widely used for making pavers that are used in yards, backyards, driveways, patios, etc.

How does a Hydraulic Paver Press work?

Here is a broad description on the working of a hydraulically powered paver press:

Step 1: The mixture for making pavers, made in the right proportion, is put inside moulds.
Step 2: The moulds are put in the paver press and pressed.
Step 3: Excess mixture flows out.
Step 4: What remains is evenly pressed by the machine with great force and weight.
Step 5: The pressure is released from the mould and the paver is taken out of the mould.
Step 6: It is kept to dry for sometime before being put to use.


This machine can be designed to make simple square pavers as well as interlocking pavers. Color is also added to the mixture when colored pavers are in demand. Essem Engineers for example have a unit that can be used for making interlocking paver blocks, tiles as well as curbstones.

Remember to follow these safety instructions:

  • Do not keep the machine unattended when running.
  • Do not clean or lubricate the unit when it is working.
  • Do not check an oil leak with your hand. The oil is hot and might burn your hand.
  • Never buy cheap parts.
  • Do not change any part unless you have proper knowledge on how to do it.
  • Always check with the hydraulic system manufacturers before you change any machine part.
  • Get proper training and read the safety instructions before working on the machine.

Manufacturers of paver press even make paver moulds. Essem Engineers have moulds in steel as well as plastic. Interlocking moulds and those with designs are also available in the market.

Types of Hydraulic Car Lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts are used in various places for smooth and hassle free working. Car lifts for example are used not only in service stations and workshops but also in parking lots and showrooms.

Car lifts can be broadly classified into three categories:

2 Post Lifts: These help lift the vehicle on two posts therefore the name 2 Post. Apart from these, it also has 4 arms, two on each post. The vehicle, which is in between the two posts, is locked in its place by these four arms. It is then moved upwards along the posts by hydraulic movement. Once the car has reached the desired height, it is locked in its place so that it does not fall. The amount of weight that the lift can raise depends on the model being used.

4 Post Lifts: These have four posts. Metal ramps are fixed on the lift to help drive the vehicle on it. Once the car is in place, it is raised by simply pushing a button. The posts have self-locking system that keeps the car in its place. Once the car is locked, it is then lifted up to the required height. These are generally used to raise heavier vehicle that need more support. Some garages use these for creating additional parking space for vehicles – one is raised on the post and the other is parked below it.

Specialty Lifts: These are of various types including those with hydraulic scissor lift like function. Some specialty units include low rise car lifts,single post lifts and parking/stacking lifts.



Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi, who are into the manufacturing of these units, may or may not deal in all the varieties. However, they can help you decide the best machinery according to your usage, type of industry and the nature of vehicles you deal in. Essem Engineers are one of the reputed Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi who can be contacted.

Hydraulic Oil: Types and Benefits

Hydraulic machinery manufactured by Hydraulic System Manufacturers uses high pressured fluid to apply force to drive the machinery.

A good fluid will give you a number of benefits, to name a few:

Reduced oxidation caused by heat and reaction with oxygen. Thus resulting in long life of the oil.
Good viscosity in hot as well as cold weather. Very thin or very thick oil has its problems. Thin oil leads to leaks and if it is very thick, it will not exert the proper amount of pressure for good functioning of the machinery.

Wear resistance is present in oil additives. This prevents abrasion of system parts and extend the life of the unit.
Filtration with filtration systems in the machine is effectively possible with good quality fluids. Contamination is filtered without any compromise on the quality of oil.
Foam inhibitors prevent foam and air bubbles.

There are basically three types of oils that hydraulic system manufacturers use to power their machinery:

Petroleum-based – These are also known as mineral-based fluids and are most common. Their quality depends on the additives used. The additive protects the system from rust, corrosion, improves viscosity and prevents it from wear and tendency to form foam.

Water-based – The major advantage of water-based fluids is that since their major component is water, they are good in providing fire resistance. These are used in systems where temperatures are very high and so constant watch is necessary. If the temperatures are too high, the water in the fluid may evaporate. Distilled water needs to be added in the right portion to maintain the water level and viscosity.

Synthetic – These are man-made fluids and provide good lubrication, prevent the machinery from wear and provide thermal stability. Some of the synthetic oils are also fire resistant. However, they are costlier than petroleum and water-based oils.

Essem Engineers are the manufacturers of hydraulic machinery in Delhi. If you are buying a unit form them, get in touch with the expert Essem Engineers staff to know more about the type of oil ideal for the functioning of your unit.



Know your hydraulic system machinery

Hydraulic system machinery has been defined as ‘a power transmission system that uses the force of flowing liquids to transmit power’.

The hydraulic fluid in these machines flows to all the hydraulic motors and cylinders and these become pressurized. The fluid is controlled by control valves that distribute it in the machinery through hoses and tubes. The path in which the fluid flows in called the hydraulic circuit. This is of two types:

  1. Open center circuit:
  2. Closed center circuit:

 Hydraulic system manufacturers make a variety of machinery that are widely used in different industries. Hydraulic press, motors, hammers, jack, breakers, pipe benders, robots, chainsaws, etc. are a few types of popularly used machinery.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic system machinery


  • Output force can be adjusted with the help of valves that are used to adjust pressure.
  • Unlike the electric motor, this machinery can be instantly reversed when in full motion without causing any damage. Electric motors on the other hand need to be first stopped before reversing.
  • Vibration in these type of machinery is minimum. And so, the start and stop motion of these units is smooth.
  • There is less loss due to friction and therefore high efficiency.


  • Initial cost is high. However, it is made up for by the high efficiency of the machinery in the long run.
  • Oil leakage might occur and it is hazardous. Therefore regular maintenance checks are very important.
  • Filtration system is required to keep oil clean so that there is no clogging and the machine runs smoothly.


Essem Engineers are reputed hydraulic system manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi. They have a variety of hydraulically powered machinery that includes cylinders, PowerPacks AC/DC, presses and machines, interlocking paver press, scissor lifts, systems for water cannons, solid waste handling equipments, dock levelers, etc. Check out the Essem Engineers website for more details. 

What is a Hydraulic Scissor Lift?

The Oxford dictionary defines a scissor lift as “A surface raised or lowered by the closing or opening of crossed supports pivoted like the two halves of a pair of scissors.”

Scissor lifts are popularly used in a lot of industries to reach high areas of work and also to lift or lower load. It has arms that open and close like a scissors to raise and lower the height of the platform that is fixed on the top of the unit. This helps in adjusting the height of the platform according to one’s requirement.

A scissor lift can be of any of these three types:

Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Mechanical Scissor Lift
Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Hydraulically powered units are the most popularly used machinery as they can withstand huge amount of weight. These use pressurized hydraulic oil that is pumped in the machinery to make it function; that is to extend and contract its arms. These can reach up to great heights. However, care should be taken that such units have railings on the work platform to prevent workers from falling.

A hydraulic scissor lift can easily be fitted with a work platform of the user’s choice. These units can also be fitted with wheels to make moving them easier from one place to another. Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi provide custom made platforms to be fitted on the units for maximum functionality for the user.

Care and maintenance

Care should be taken while functioning the machinery. Always remember that the machine is powered by oil. This oil becomes more fluid in summers and so the unit runs a bit faster in this season.

Timely maintenance checks are necessary for long life of the machinery and safety of the users.

Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi provide a list of safety instruction. Always go through these in detail before operating the unit.