Special Purpose Power Packs by Essem Engineers

Power pack is a power source which is known to convert rotational energy into a fluid power. This rotational energy is produced by fuel powered engines or by electric motor. A wide variety of power packs are available for industry usage that converts such energy into fluid power, which in turn is used for various linear or rotary hydraulic actuators. The power packs are available as AC and DC power packs.


Focusing on DC power packs, the DC power packs find applications in tail gates, scissors lifts, dump bodies, pallet trucks, personal lifts, wheel chairs, car carriers, aerial ladders, dock levelers, tippers, mobile platforms, etc.

The primary features of DC power packs include:

  • Load sensing
  • Infinite adjustable delivery
  • Automatic torque limiting
  • Delayed time adjustment
  • Controlled deceleration or acceleration
  • Auto-set pressure switch circuit
  • Can withstand harsh environments
  • Tolerate hostile conditions
  • Will work non-stop (24*7)

The DC power packs can be used in various machines like:

  • Tier Changers
  • Scooter and 3 wheeler Lifts
  • Dock levelers
  • Car Parking Systems
  • Electrical Stackers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Car Carriers
  • Emergency lowering
  • Customized Applications
  • Car Lifts

Among the various manufacturers of DC power packs in the market, Essem Engineers is a leading DC power pack manufacturer. Our DC power packs come with temperature protector and many options of valves configurations that suit the desired application. Clients widely appreciate our power packs for its supreme performance. The power packs are manufactured using raw materials from certified vendors only.

 Essem Engineers is also among the leading hydraulic power packs ac/dc suppliers. The hydraulic power packs include certain hydraulic components chosen from the universal range, which are put together using latest technology systems. These systems are designed using a modular concept with the parts having a setting for easiness of production, installation, and services. Special attention is given to minimize the noise levels of the power packs and also to other security aspects of the device. Electric motors and pumps are mounted horizontally assuring easy maintenance and coupling alignment.

We at Essem offer capacities, configurations & control options for requirement of any nature. Hence, if in need of a premium DC power pack, contact our engineers at info@essemengineers.com and have it delivered at your doorstep.


Author: essem

Essem Engineers is a leading and fast growing world-class manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically powered machines. Maximizing our industry rich experience of many years, we have gained superiority in manufacturing and supplying wide range of hydraulically powered machineries including hydraulic cylinders, broaching machines, hydraulic presses, Hydraulic scissor lifts, AC/DC power packs, etc.