Fast and Precise Hydraulic Press

You can make your work one step easier, by choosing to utilise hydraulic power. Hydraulic machines are robust and can be used to accomplish heavy weight lifting tasks or even high precision task like cutting, milling etc.

The hydraulic machine which does all these tasks is called a hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is capable of doing operations such as forging, moulding, blanking, punching etc. The use of hydraulic control makes the work easier, faster and of high precision.

The hydraulic presses & machines are being used in numerous firms because of its ruggedness and minimum maintenance. Also, these are easy to operate. These can be controlled manually or can be PLC controlled. PLC stands for a programmable logic unit.

The use of PLC minimises the risk of defects in the product and ensures high-quality output. A press is oil cooled. Not just this, these are overload protected and hence your machine will sense an overload condition and alert you.

A broaching machine is a similar kind of machine. But it can function in two different ways. It can either work in a linear manner or in a rotational manner. A lathe machine is an example of rotational broaching. It can be used for internal or outer broaching. Essem Engineers are broaching machine manufacturers and abide by the basic norms of safety rules and regulation to deliver you best quality product.


The products by them are robust and of superior quality. Certain products can be customized as per the customer requirements. For more info, you can drop a mail on

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Essem Engineers is a leading and fast growing world-class manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically powered machines. Maximizing our industry rich experience of many years, we have gained superiority in manufacturing and supplying wide range of hydraulically powered machineries including hydraulic cylinders, broaching machines, hydraulic presses, Hydraulic scissor lifts, AC/DC power packs, etc.