Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder Tie Rod

A hydraulic cylinder generates linear force and motion by using a pressurized hydraulic fluid. The industrial machines that are powered by such cylinders are capable to form different metals or other type of materials at an extremely high force with relatively smaller supply of the high pressurized fluid.

Heavy equipment, such as excavators rely on the hydraulic fluid power. The operator controls pressurized hydraulic fluid easily with the usage of control valve linked to distributor tubes and hoses. A solenoid valve tends to be the valve which is used most commonly with hydraulic cylinders as it has an excellent reputation of reliability and safety. A valve not just controls the release of fluids in the cylinders, but often mixes fluids and gases as well.

One of the best designs of hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic cylinder tie rod. Tie rod hydraulic cylinders make use of high strength and threaded steel rods for holding two end caps with the cylinder barrels. This technique of construction most often is seen in the industrial factory applications. The small bore cylinders generally have four tie rods, while larger bore cylinders may need as many as 20 or 16 tie rods so as to retain end caps under the great forces produced. The tie rod style hydraulic cylinders can be disassembled completely for services and repairs. The NFPA has standardized all the dimensions of the hydraulic cylinder tie rod. This enables the cylinders from diverse manufacturers to interchange inside the same mountings.

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