How Does a Hydraulic Car Lift Work?

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If you have watched a car race, you might have seen hydraulic car lifts in action. It’s because they are created for competence and are simple to use. Just slide the lift under your car and allow the machine to do all the work for you. If you have your own professional garage or like to maintain your vehicle, they are perfect for you.

There are many designs of the hydraulic car lift in use nowadays. The most popular designs have either 2 or 4 posts with arms which extend beneath your car to lift it by the frame. Another common design, at times called “drive-on” lifts, has a solid metal track for cars to drive on, before being lifted. Various designs use a center column sunk into the floor beneath the lifts. Irrespective of the designs, all car lifts work using the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic car lifts operate with the same fundamental concept as any other hydraulic system: when a force is applied to a liquid at one place, pressure is transmitted via the system to apply an effect at some other place. Car lifts make use of hydraulic fluid, which cannot be compressed regardless of how much of pressure is exerted on it. The fluid flows via the hydraulic system and then moves into a cylinder which raises the car from the ground.

A few car lifts make use of an air compressor, whereas the others use electric motors. Other than the utilized power source, the basic ideas are the same. The hydraulic car lift exerts force on hydraulic fluid, which moves into a cylinder in order to raise your car. Trading forces for distance is the common idea in all mechanical systems. In case of a car lift, it means connecting a narrow cylinder to a wide one through hydraulic lines. The oil compressed through the narrow cylinder travels a large distance. When the force is transferred into the wide cylinder, it travels a shorter distance, however with a much greater force.

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