Scissor Lifts and its Types

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Scissor lifts are vertically elevated platforms that are used to offer a provisional vertical access to higher locations. The main benefit of scissor lifts is that you can move easily in a small space. This is because the lift can reach good heights and at the same time it occupies very little space when retracted. The lifting mechanism uses inward pressure that resembles a sequence of diamonds stacked from point to point. The pressure thus generated extends the scissor lift platform upward.

Below are the different types of scissor lifts:

  • Hydraulic Lifts

The hydraulic scissor lift is operated using fluid pressure that raises the platform via power through the use of pressurized hydraulic oil. Slight speed variation is possible owing to temperature fluctuations that can alter the viscosity of hydraulic oil.

  • Mechanical Lifts

The mechanical lifts are extended through a rack and pinion system or power screw, both of which can convert rotational motion into linear motion. All the electric lifts are mechanical. The benefit of mechanical lift is that the teeth of its gear system prevents from slippage essentially.

  • Pneumatic Lifts

The pneumatic lifts are operated using air pressure and they are very efficient because power supply is carried out by compressing the atmospheric air. Most of the units don’t require electricity and thus can be used at any place where air is available.

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