Zero Level Lift: A popular Hydraulic Scissor Lift Type

The Zero Level Lift is used across various industries including the beverage, automotive, chemicals and food processing industries. The lift’s primary purpose is offloading and loading of pallet trucks and these lifts can be customized as per customer needs.

Many manufacturers manufacture the zero level variety of lift and focus on its high load bearing capacities, on its sturdiness and its durability.

The lift’s key features are:

1) Lifetime dry slide bushing

2) Raise level: 2000 mm

3) Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder

4) Velocity fused cylinders

5) Rugged heavy duty frame

The Zero Level Lift is a part of the hydraulic scissor lifts category. The hydraulic scissor lifts are lesser power consuming, have lower maintenance costs and can be tailored as per the needs of the customers. It includes a variety of lift types inclusive of the Bike Service Lift, Traction Lifts, Cantilever Lift, Event Lifts, Tandem Lift, Hydraulic Goods Lifts, Hydraulic Stacker Lift, Hydraulic Car Lift and the Hydraulic Elevator among various other lift types.


Essem Engineers, a leading name among the various hydraulic scissor lifts manufacturers in India make the zero level lift available in a wide variety of styles ranging from the common standardized lifts to customer oriented lifts, these lifts are in line with international specifications and standards.

Essem uses a superior manufacturing technology and focuses on quality and innovation. Their zero level lifts come in multiple weight loading capacities and sizes and also have an easy handling procedure.Very less maintenance and competitive prices are also some prime features of the zero level lifts manufactured by Essem.

The Zero Level Lift type is considered to be a premium and superior quality equipment that can help industries in gaining productivity and to incorporate technology that is fast edged and which reduces manual labour by a considerable amount.

Hence, to order your zero level lift, drop in a line to us at or just dial up our contact number provided on the website. Access a processed and better product line. Contact Essem Engineers and be a part of their innovation driven manufacturing and production.