Trunnion Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder and Its Features

Hydraulic cylinders are mechanical actuators that are used to offer a unidirectional force via a unidirectional stroke. They have many applications, particularly in construction equipment, civil engineering, and manufacturing machinery. They are the key hydraulic components.
The hydraulic cylinders convert the energy of the hydraulic liquids or fluids into such a power that is used to move a cylinder in motion. The hydraulic fluid serves as a force for these cylinders.

Trunnions, flanges, clevises, lugs are some of the widespread cylinder mounting options. The piston rods also have mountings attached with the cylinder to connect to the machine that it has to pull or push.

Trunnion Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders
The hydraulic cylinders are the motor or the actuator side of this process. The generator side is the hydraulic pump, which helps in bringing a constant flow of the fluid or oil to the cylinder to move the piston.

Essem Engineers offers a wide range of trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders are designed uniquely offering value and performance through advanced machinery.

The trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders manufactured by Essem, have been made with the machined hard stop to guarantee trustworthy stopping at the end of each stroke. Also, these hydraulic cylinders require lesser oil than the ones of its class that ultimately results in quicker cycle times and they can lift much more loads using the same pressure.
The trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders are very compact in their construction and offer simple mounting to different system.

The cylinders are highly functional, abrasion resistant, durable, and compact in their sizes. Essem’s trunnion mounting hydraulic cylinders are few of the most reliable and strongest products in the market.

Let’s look at some of the salient features of these trunnion mounted cylinders:

  • Nominal pressure of 25, 0 MPA
  • Static test pressure of 28, 00 MPA
  • Mounting position is Optional
  • Stroking speed of 1, 0 m/s
  • Fluid temperature Ranges from 30 ° C – 100 ° C

Therefore, if in need of a high quality, long service life and durable trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinder, look no further. Essem Engineers is your one stop solution. Also known as the leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer among the various hydraulic cylinders manufacturers in the market, Essem Engineers can provide innovative and technically sound solutions to client needs.