Know your hydraulic system machinery

Hydraulic system machinery has been defined as ‘a power transmission system that uses the force of flowing liquids to transmit power’.

The hydraulic fluid in these machines flows to all the hydraulic motors and cylinders and these become pressurized. The fluid is controlled by control valves that distribute it in the machinery through hoses and tubes. The path in which the fluid flows in called the hydraulic circuit. This is of two types:

  1. Open center circuit:
  2. Closed center circuit:

 Hydraulic system manufacturers make a variety of machinery that are widely used in different industries. Hydraulic press, motors, hammers, jack, breakers, pipe benders, robots, chainsaws, etc. are a few types of popularly used machinery.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic system machinery


  • Output force can be adjusted with the help of valves that are used to adjust pressure.
  • Unlike the electric motor, this machinery can be instantly reversed when in full motion without causing any damage. Electric motors on the other hand need to be first stopped before reversing.
  • Vibration in these type of machinery is minimum. And so, the start and stop motion of these units is smooth.
  • There is less loss due to friction and therefore high efficiency.


  • Initial cost is high. However, it is made up for by the high efficiency of the machinery in the long run.
  • Oil leakage might occur and it is hazardous. Therefore regular maintenance checks are very important.
  • Filtration system is required to keep oil clean so that there is no clogging and the machine runs smoothly.


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