Multi – Stage Hydraulic Cylinders

The use of hydraulic power makes the difficult work smoother and easier. Attaining a specific degree of inclination can be difficult without proper instrumentation. A multilevel telescope cylinder makes this possible.

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder is used to achieve the inclination. These are primarily of two types, the single acting telescopic type, and the double acting telescopic cylinder type. Both of these are used in several areas.


The most common example of the use of a telescopic cylinder is in a dump truck. In order to throw away the trash, the container part of the truck needs to be raised at an angle of about 60 degrees.

The multi-stage cylinder makes this task easy, as it can rise up to a certain percentage of its height. The system has stability due to the use of hydraulic fluids. For a lighter cylinder, compressed air control is used. The construction of these cylinders is very precise. Each stage is supported by at least 2 bearings such that proper rigidity is given when the cylinder rises.

Constructing a hydraulic cylinder is tricky considering its work of collapsing and expanding to 20 to 40 % of its height. A lot of expertise is required to bring out the best product. Essem Engineers are well known hydraulic cylinders manufacturers and have been in this industry for more than a decade. The manufacturing units are built according to the safety standards. For more info, you can drop a mail at

All About Hydraulic Cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder pushes the energy piled up in hydraulic fluid in a force that is used to move cylinder in a straight direction.

Cylinder Jacks or Hydraulic Cylinders are used normally in a diversity of pushing and lifting applications in the moving industries.

Operations of Hydraulic Cylinders:

Hydraulic cylinders are machines that are used to give a unidirectional power with the aid of unidirectional stroke.They are widely used in engineering industries. The hydraulic cylinders manufacturer provides these cylinders to the telescopic hydraulic cylinder supplier also as both the products are used together in heavy vehicles.

Following are the Classifications of these Cylinders:

1. The Single -Acting
In such cylinders the liquid is pressurized on only one of the sides of the cylinder throughout both the retraction as well as in the expansion process.

2. The Double-Acting
In such cylinders, the pressure to the fluid is practical in both directions.

We have the following Components of Hydraulic Cylinders:

Significantly, various components of these cylinders are the cylinder barrel, cylinder bottom, cylinder head and the cylinder bottom connection. They also consist of piston rod, piston and the piston connection rod. Some hydraulic cylinders may include the feet also. They are used formounting the barrels.

Essem Engineers arewell-known Hydraulic Cylinders manufacturers and also telescopic hydraulic cylinder supplier in India, and offer avaried range in hydraulic equipments for our clients. These Hydraulic Cylinders are used in many lifting jobs. We manufacture these types of cylinders in harmony with industrial standards.

Why Essem Engineers Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders are the Best?

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Clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders are machines that use liquid as their medium for power. In this kind of machine the hydraulic cylinders manufacturer also demand for hydraulic fluid which is transmitted all over the machine and it is rushed according to its resistance presence. The fluid is to be controlled automatically or directly by control valves & distributed through tubes & hoses. The attractiveness of hydraulic equipments is owing to the huge amount of power, which can be transferred by flexible hoses & small tubes, and the soaring power density and broad array of actuators can use this power.

Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

No stone is left unturned towards ensuring the quality of the products that is clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders. Our team not only works in the direction of checking the products for their quality but also improve it with the intention that the final products are hassle free and that the clients are completely contented with it. The different parameters on which quality of product is checked are:

• Finishing
• Durability
• Design
• Functionality
• Raw materials used

The team of Essem Engineers also makes sure that our products be safely packed, set free on time, & meet the requirements of the clients adequately.