Cantilever Lifts Variety by Essem Engineers

Essem Engineers is a premium Cantilever lifts manufacturer. They compete on product knowledge, a lucrative manufacturing technique and a rock solid engineering background.

Cantilever lifts are primarily used at industries where automotive parts are manufactured, or at warehouses, tyre stores, balconies, retail store, for freight Mezanines etc. Their primary function is moving materials between two or more levels, where the overhead clearance is the lowest.

The Cantilever lifts are the best options for lifting pontoons and boats. These products are simple and reliable in design.These general purpose lifts have a standard mechanical advantage that makes the procedure effortless as the boat is stimulated up on advanced elevations.




The lifts require very less amount of movable parts for greater dependability and place very less stress on cables and pulleys. When the lift is raised to the full capacity, the cables do not bear any weight, since it is fully supported by the case.

These lifts are also oxidization resistant, while the aluminium construction ensures low conservation – no painting and no rust.

There are various Cantilever lifts manufacturers in Delhi. Out of the various manufacturers and suppliers in the market, Essem Engineers is a leading name. It stresses on affordable prices, lower maintenance and an all – mechanical design. The mechanical form of design decreases noise and lowers maintenance and also helps in providing a clean workplace.

 Out of the variety of Cantilever lifts manufactured by hydraulic scissor lifts manufacturers, customers can choose from a wide range of options that are available.

 The various types of Cantilever lifts are:

 Hydraulic Cantilever Lift – It offers the ease of Standard Cantilever Lifts, and also offers a convenience of hydraulic operations and remote control.

Standard Cantilever Lift – They are normal lifts which are economical, simple by structure and have a promising performance. These types have self-adjusting keel protectors and cradles, rubber end caps and manual winch.

Long and Wide Model – This type are solidly built. They are suitable for extra long and extra wide crafts, also suitable for larger pontoons.

 Pontoon Beds – The normal cantilever lifts can also be configured with the aluminum pontoon bed and carpeted wood bed, which evenly allocates the weight of the pontoon and thus gives protection to the full length.

 Pontoon Rack Kits – The kits are installed on behalf of standard boat cradles. The variety of options include adjustable and wooden, aluminum rack kits that lift the deck of the pontoon and hence serves as its positioning guide.

 Of the salient features of the Cantilever lifts manufactured by Essem, the prime features are :

 Load Capacity – that extends to about 2000 kg

 Travel Height – upto 8000 mm

 Platform Size – 1600 mm X 2000 mm

 Operating Levels – nearly 4 – stops

 Power – 415V/3P or 220V/1P

 Operating Speed – nearly 3-5 meters/min

 Dual Chain, All-Mechanical Lifting System

Therefore analyse the options and place an order for the Cantilever Lift variety you require. You can write in to us at and get all information related to the Cantilever Lifts. You can also contact us on the numbers specified on our website