Range of Superior Quality Paver Press Machines

Taking advantage of our refined manufacturing facilities, we have been able to design and develop a range of superior quality Paver Press machines. Recognized for their optimum efficiency and performance, these machines are used extensively in construction industries. The range is offered in different dimensions and specifications to keep up with the varied requirements of the clients.

Our collection of paver press and hydraulic interlocking paver press machines, are powerful in design and are widely used in construction and allied industries. Designed and made with the help of cutting edge process technology, these machines are mainly used for making bricks and paver blocks of different shapes and sizes and sometimes of different materials also.

Reinforced by hydraulic pressure these paving machines are very much effective in carrying out mass production of blocks and bricks in an efficient way. Some of the features of paver press machines include:

1. Durability

2. Sturdy Construction

3. Easy to use

4. Highly Efficient

5. Low Maintenance

6. Hassle Free Performance

7. Easy Installation

8. Low Running Cost

Essem Engineers builds these machines using high quality raw materials and latest technologies at their own production units. These machines are verified on pre encoded parameters by their quality inspectors before the final dispatch is done.

The Paver Press and Hydraulic Interlocking Paver Press machines are widely used in numerous industries as these machines provide maximum output with very low maintenance cost. These machines can also be tailor made as per the client’s specifications in order to meet their requirements.

Functions and Types of Dock Levelers

Transporting equipments, vehicles and other such heavy devices could be risky if you are not using dock levelers. Not just can it be risky to the people involved, but can cause damage to the objects being transported.

The dock levelers are there to make transportation a smooth affair. The dock levelers (also called dock plates or dock boards) are a tool which people can exercise to fill the gaps between trailers and dock while the loading or unloading takes place.

Trailers are of the height that sometimes is not the same as of the dock (either higher than or lower than the dock). The main function of dock levelers is to move things up or down, based on where the trailer bed is situated. Hence machines like forklifts can travel to the dock safely and smoothly.

There are multiple kinds of dock levelers such as Hydraulic, Mechanical, Air-powered and Specialty. Hydraulic consists of Standard Hydraulic (RHH), the Vertical Hydraulic (RHV) and the Jumbo (RHJ) that offers full-width trailers’ access.

Air-Powered dock leveler contains Air-Tower (RHA). It is like hydraulic leveler and avoids any possible stump-out problem. The Mechanical dock leveler consists of Standard Mechanical dock levelers (RHM) and Edge-of-Dock levelers (RHE). The Truck and Railcar Activated are Speciality dock levelers for trucks and railcars.

The types of machines or vehicles you will be transporting must be considered while deciding about the dock leveler you will use. The dock levelers you select should match your needs for all the given situations. Also, the trailer or vibrating table dimensions, how often loading will be done and the load capacities should be considered while selecting the dock levelers.

If you want to get a dock leveller or a vibrating table, and then Contact Essem Engineers today, we are known to be one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of dock levelers.

Whats and Hows of SPM’s

A SPM or Special purpose machine is designed to perform certain specific applications that cannot be completed using conventional machines. These machines are nearly always designed & created fresh for a particular purpose that is specified or defined by clients in specific. The reason is defined first. Constraints are listed. Then machine is designed on the basis of these purposes and considering the limitations as well.

Eventually, it is very uncommon for these machines to be identical in terms of capacity and size, even if they’re similar regarding their functionality. These variations of the similar design are called ‘modules’.

Special Purpose Machines provides tremendous scope for higher production volume at low investment & at lower cost of production as compared to conventional machines. SPM’sare high productivity machines, with specially designed fixture and tooling, devoted for mass production of the same components. A well envisioned Special Purpose Machine find its ways & means to utilize machine and manpower to the optimum. The hydraulic systems manufacturers offer low price dedicated SPMs with mass production capacity of small components for various purposes like boring, turning, drilling, facing, reaming, chamfering, taping, etc. The concepts of special purpose machines are mostly standardized which facilitates fast delivery of machines.

Essem Engineers design and manufacture special purpose machines to meet the requirements and specifications of our clients, always planning to further develop and constantly evaluate the value that they get from these systems. We also are hydraulic systems manufacturers and provide various hydraulic machines at competitive rates.

Essem Engineers- Offering High Quality Hydraulic Cylinders

We offer entire Hydraulic solutions range to areas like earth moving equipments, agriculture, waste management, mining, material handling, heavy equipments, industrial applications, defense and renewable energy sector.

Essem Engineers is a renowned Hydraulic Cylinders manufacturer in India presenting an exclusive range of hydraulic equipments for our customers. Hydraulic Cylinders are automatic motors that are broadly used for creating any unidirectional force by means of a single stroke. We also design and manufacture these cylinders according to client’s specific needs and specifications.

We offer these cylinders in various pressure ranges that are based on the specifications of our clients. The cylinders offered are commonly used in various power plants, aerospace industries, Agro-industries marine applications, and huge machinery industries. The hydraulic cylinders manufactured by us have advance features & high functional level and so are widely appreciated in varied sectors.

Our cylinders enhance smooth operations during all heavy applications and thus are highly beneficial because they can work under every type of pressure conditions. Clients can avail the cylinders in various grades according to their requirements.

Reliable Features of our Cylinders:

1. Piston rods along with higher tensile strength.

2. Proximity switches and Position sensing, supplied as required.

3. Strong and durable welded construction.

Their Specifications:

1. Stroke: 20000mm

2. Bore diameter: 50 to 1500 mm

3. Temperature: 20 to 80 degree Celsius

4. Can manage pressure till 500 bars

Advanced product performance, and good manufacturing techniques collectively through stringent quality control has been the key aspect that helped Essem Engineers rise to the peak for supplying hydraulic cylinders in Delhi.

About Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts do enable admittance to elevated work area by raising a framework with a scissor device. The elevation is controlled with the hydraulic cylinders activated by fluid while the retraction is controlled by slow release of that fluid back in the sump.

The hydraulic scissor lifts and hydraulic car lifts are broadly used in construction industries and, accordingly, security is a critical factor in designing, manufacturing, and in their operations.

For increase in the loading ability of scissor lift, elements in the lift, like the hydraulic motor, are replaced with more or larger powerful components. Other than increasing the capability of the lift, engineers must ensure that maintenance of safe operating conditions is given in the set of components. For doing this, the engineer should determine the rate of descent and ascent and the forces & pressures produced by the hydraulic cylinders.

The basic application of the hydraulic scissor lifts are in industries like railways, heavy industries, chemical plants, airports, thermal power stations, in heavy maintenance jobs like in industrial shops, air-crafts, manufacturing industries, etc.

The salient features generally include being easy to operate, helps in sturdy construction, lesser maintenance costs, and provide higher service life.

We are appreciated as manufacturers of hydraulic car lifts and hydraulic scissor lifts. Our accurately designed variety in this group is an ideal matter handling equipment for moving heavy, medium and light loads easily from ground levels to different floor &unloading and loading of various resources from platforms and vehicles. This easy to operate and low maintenance lift meets the standards of other internationally distinguished products in fields of design, quality& performance.

So as to fulfill the varying demands of our consumers, we at Essem Engineers are occupied in offering quality range of these scissor lifts. These products are made using precision techniques & are designed according to the required standards.

All About Hydraulic Cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder pushes the energy piled up in hydraulic fluid in a force that is used to move cylinder in a straight direction.

Cylinder Jacks or Hydraulic Cylinders are used normally in a diversity of pushing and lifting applications in the moving industries.

Operations of Hydraulic Cylinders:

Hydraulic cylinders are machines that are used to give a unidirectional power with the aid of unidirectional stroke.They are widely used in engineering industries. The hydraulic cylinders manufacturer provides these cylinders to the telescopic hydraulic cylinder supplier also as both the products are used together in heavy vehicles.

Following are the Classifications of these Cylinders:

1. The Single -Acting
In such cylinders the liquid is pressurized on only one of the sides of the cylinder throughout both the retraction as well as in the expansion process.

2. The Double-Acting
In such cylinders, the pressure to the fluid is practical in both directions.

We have the following Components of Hydraulic Cylinders:

Significantly, various components of these cylinders are the cylinder barrel, cylinder bottom, cylinder head and the cylinder bottom connection. They also consist of piston rod, piston and the piston connection rod. Some hydraulic cylinders may include the feet also. They are used formounting the barrels.

Essem Engineers arewell-known Hydraulic Cylinders manufacturers and also telescopic hydraulic cylinder supplier in India, and offer avaried range in hydraulic equipments for our clients. These Hydraulic Cylinders are used in many lifting jobs. We manufacture these types of cylinders in harmony with industrial standards.

All about Trunnion Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders

The hydraulic cylinders convert the energy of the hydraulic liquids or fluids into such a power that is used to move a cylinder in motion. The hydraulic fluid serves as a force for these cylinders.

Trunnions, flanges, clevises, lugs are some of the widespread cylinder mounting options. The piston rods also have mountings attached with the cylinder to connect to the machine that it has to pull or push.

The hydraulic cylinders are the motor or actuator side of this process. The generator side is the hydraulic pump, which helps in bringing a constant flow of the fluid or oil to the cylinder to move the piston.

Mainly, a hydraulic cylinder consists of parts like cylinder cap, cylinder barrel, piston, cylinder head, seal gland, piston rod and seals.

We offer many kinds of hydraulic cylinders including the trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders by virtue of being hydraulic cylinders manufacturers.

Among the other internal components that make up the cylinder are:
Cushions, head glands, pivot pins, cylinder base connection, cylinder head caps, clevis brackets, butt plates, rod clevis, ports and fittings, detachable mounts, polypak pistons, spherical rod eye, spherical ball bushings, and alignment coupler.

There are two basic types of hydraulic cylinders:
Single acting cylinders And Double acting cylinders

Various kinds of hydraulic cylinders are:
Tie-rod hydraulic cylinders
Trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders
Clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders
Foot mounted hydraulic cylinders
Telescopic hydraulic cylinders
Welded type hydraulic cylinders

Features offered by hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in these cylinders are:
•    Long service life
•    Low maintenance
•    Sturdy manufacturing
•    Perfect finish
•    Robust making
•    Easy handling
•    High efficiency
•    Sturdiness

Essem Engineers- A Growing Name in Machines and Material Handling Systems

We make incessant efforts to provide extra conventional services to our customers. We create our own reputation and identity through commitment and innovation; thus ensuring that we are one of the leading force in the world of hydraulic engineering.

Our Vision
Essem Engineers aspire to being a leader in all-purpose hydraulic precision engineering in the course of partnerships we cover with our employees and our clients. Building a reputation by not leaning on anyone, we make every effort to identify the necessities of our clients & produce outputs, which validate to those requirements.

Our Mission
Essem Engineers is committed to produce services efficiently and consistently, thereby growing the affluence of our employees, shareholders, & clients through high profit margins. The tempo at which we keep on improving our services and products is expanding potentially due to rising investments in technology & engineering.

We are in the hydraulic system industry with products like hydraulic cylinders viz. hydraulic cylinders tie rodand pneumatic machinessince many years. Trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic presses & machines and dozens of added applications are a few offerings from the product range that we manufacture.

With our immense proficiency, we offer our clientele with a significant range of Hydraulic Cylinders Tie Rod that is effortless to use & requires less repairs. All our products are produced with high grade raw material with the purpose of maintaining the quality. Additionally, these cylinders have their usage in diverse industries owing to their high presentation, reliability, durability, and many other salient features.

Worth of Broaching Machines

In this age of global contest, there is more concentration towards mechanization. This also levies on metal cutting industries present globally. To overcome the problems faced by them since past years industries have come up with the production of Hydraulic Presses and Machines & Broaching Machine Manufacturers.

Broaching is a high production Metal Cutting Process, within which metal is detached by successive act of number of harsh teeth included in the tool known as The Broach.
Broaching machine manufacturers provides the positive returns like repeatable product quality &high productivity. Productivity expansion to 10 times or more is not unusual as the rate of metal removing by broaching is much greater. Semi finishing, roughing and the finishing of products are done just in single pass by broaching, & this pass is usually accomplished in seconds. Therefore, this product has proven to be the most simple, greatly productive, cost effective & practical in machining operation. It needs lesser manpower, while extending its uses in their fields of applications through exceptional savings on machinery and tool cost. Broaching machines are together used with hydraulic presses and machines also.
Broaching process has advantages like:

  • Complicated irregular shapes could be easily sliced
  • It is extremely economical
  • The process is short with higher accuracy
  • It leaves superior finished faces.
  • Is remarkable in giving stable process accuracy

Essem Engineer’s  broaching machinery has earned an outstanding reputation for its reliability, productivity and economy. This good will is due to its quality, unrivalled design, & manufacturing technologies based on extensive experience in the ground and strenuous hard work to give distinguished products to the industry.


Specifications and Descriptions of DC Power Pack

Technical developments are occurring at the velocity of racer’s bike. While companies are spending substantial amounts on their development and research, innovations have become a new buzzword in the industrial sector. In this age of tough competition, each company works with the single objective of surpassing its competitors. We, at Essem Engineers, concentrate chiefly on the requirements and needs of the customers, & design our products according to their specifications. A pleased clientele is a sure shot mantra forthe flourishing future of anybusiness.

Hydraulic Power Packs AC/DCare used in industries like sugar, paper, steel, hydro-electric power plant, meat processing, tube mills, surgical blade grinding, material handling, trash rakes, belt filter presses, power plants, shipping, Aluminum die casting, machine tools, SPM’s, hydraulic presses, road blockers, stackers, lifts, by DC Power Pack Manufacturer, etc.

The Hydraulic Power PacksAC/DC Suppliers deliver them for applications like:

Automotives, Lift Trucks, Electro-Hydraulic Steering, Small Mounted – Truck Cranes, Emergency Backup Systems, Car Lifters, Truck Tailgate Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Lifting Platforms Equipments for needs of the disabled, Closing/Opening of Safety Locking Systems, Compactors, Aerial Platforms, Excavators, Lifting frames, Fork trucks, Parking Systems, Dock Levelers, Concrete pumps/mixers, tippers, car carriers, aerial ladders, wheel chairs, dump bodies, pallet truck, personal lifts, etc.

We are DC Power Pack Manufacturer and reliable Hydraulic Power PacksAC/DC Suppliers and are occupied in offering excellently featured Hydraulic Power Pack AC/DC to our esteemed clients.

Essem Engineers as a renownedcompany is engaged in making DC power packs & Hydraulic Power Packs by using finest quality raw materials, they are generally known for their longer and durable functional life. We recommend the range according to the requirements and needs of our clients.