Hydraulic Work Platform

Hydraulic Work Platform SuppliersAn elevated work platform is a mechanical device which is used to access those areas that are out of reach otherwise, mostly at building sites and on buildings. One of the most common and most used elevated work platforms is the hydraulic work platform. This work platform is powered hydraulically and looks similar to a crane, having separate joint sections that allow for all “up and down” applications. These work platforms can move in any direction easily and are very helpful in loading as well as unloading goods or for reaching specific heights.

These days, there are many hydraulic work platform manufacturers in the market. You can easily find the best one by comparing their hydraulic work platform equipment features and price tags.

Essem Engineers is one of the best hydraulic work platform manufacturers in the industry. You can just let us know your requirement and we will tailor the work platform as per your specific needs and requirements. With the immense help from our experienced and skilled professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic work platforms. The offered hydraulic work platforms are engineered precisely by experts and specialized professionals using high quality and superior grade raw materials in adherence to international quality standards. To meet the diverse needs and requirements of our clients, we offer these work platforms in different specifications. Offered range of hydraulic work platforms are demanded widely in the construction, automobile and allied industries. These essentials have made Essem Engineers a preferred choice when it comes to hydraulic work platforms.

Functions of Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

Engineering of scissor lift tables has always been quite conservative. They have been used in the industrial field and at manufacturing locations for lifting up work pieces, necessary equipments and people. In simpler words, a scissor lift table is a raised podium with wheels, which acts as a forklift. A scissor lift table is useful at non-industrial locations also as it inserts greater mobility and leads to higher speed through lifting things above ground level.

When the scissor lift table’s arms are extended, they take the platform up, right above the ground level and this platform can reach upto a height of 21 – 62 feet. The maximum load that can be lifted is nearly 10,000 pounds.

The contemporary scissor lift table comes with exceptional features such as rotation, inclination and movement along the straight line. The incline characteristic of scissor lift tables allows the workers to select an angle with the raised podium and the rotating feature of the machine allows this platform to rotate. The scissor lift tables include a platform that is freely movable along a straight line.

Though there is an extensive range of scissor lift tables in the market, but most lift tables involve an identical mode of construction. Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table is one of the most common scissor lift tables used these days.

Essem Engineers is among the best hydraulic scissor lift table manufacturers in India, offering extremely reliable and rugged tables. As one of the top Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table manufacturers of India. We offer the Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table in all basic capacities and sizes to lift as well as to position loads.

Potential of Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts are lifting machines powered by pneumatic or hydraulic motors and possess the potential of lifting heavy weights at a higher vertical travel distance. These mechanical devices have a sturdy construction, are precise in size and durable.

The various applications of these lifts include:

1. Loading and Unloading from truck

2. Two and Three wheeler lifting

3. Automobile showrooms and body repair shops

4. Maintenance of building or electrical roofs and many other industrial applications

The main features of Hydraulic Scissor Lifts are:

1. They are custom built

2. They have a multiple utility

3. They lift weight upto a height of 40 feet

4. They are of two types – mobile and fixed

5. They are of precise design and are highly efficient

There are many hydraulic scissor lifts manufacturers and hydraulic scissor lifts suppliers, but only the one which is the best should be chosen. We provide the best and the most competent hydraulic scissor lifts at a fair price. The order recieved is completed on time while every effort is made to deliver the order without any delay. The hydraulic lifts are a big need of the heavy duty industries and should be incorporated on time for managing time and for the best utilization of money and man power.

We are Essem Engineers, a prominent name in providing hydraulic scissor lifts while being hydraulic scissor lifts manufacturers and hydraulic scissor lifts suppliers to our respectable clients. We make these lifts with high grade raw materials which are non-corrosive in nature. They are provided at competitive prices and a timely delivery is done.

About Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts do enable admittance to elevated work area by raising a framework with a scissor device. The elevation is controlled with the hydraulic cylinders activated by fluid while the retraction is controlled by slow release of that fluid back in the sump.

The hydraulic scissor lifts and hydraulic car lifts are broadly used in construction industries and, accordingly, security is a critical factor in designing, manufacturing, and in their operations.

For increase in the loading ability of scissor lift, elements in the lift, like the hydraulic motor, are replaced with more or larger powerful components. Other than increasing the capability of the lift, engineers must ensure that maintenance of safe operating conditions is given in the set of components. For doing this, the engineer should determine the rate of descent and ascent and the forces & pressures produced by the hydraulic cylinders.

The basic application of the hydraulic scissor lifts are in industries like railways, heavy industries, chemical plants, airports, thermal power stations, in heavy maintenance jobs like in industrial shops, air-crafts, manufacturing industries, etc.

The salient features generally include being easy to operate, helps in sturdy construction, lesser maintenance costs, and provide higher service life.

We are appreciated as manufacturers of hydraulic car lifts and hydraulic scissor lifts. Our accurately designed variety in this group is an ideal matter handling equipment for moving heavy, medium and light loads easily from ground levels to different floor &unloading and loading of various resources from platforms and vehicles. This easy to operate and low maintenance lift meets the standards of other internationally distinguished products in fields of design, quality& performance.

So as to fulfill the varying demands of our consumers, we at Essem Engineers are occupied in offering quality range of these scissor lifts. These products are made using precision techniques & are designed according to the required standards.

Types of Hydraulic Car Lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts are used in various places for smooth and hassle free working. Car lifts for example are used not only in service stations and workshops but also in parking lots and showrooms.

Car lifts can be broadly classified into three categories:

2 Post Lifts: These help lift the vehicle on two posts therefore the name 2 Post. Apart from these, it also has 4 arms, two on each post. The vehicle, which is in between the two posts, is locked in its place by these four arms. It is then moved upwards along the posts by hydraulic movement. Once the car has reached the desired height, it is locked in its place so that it does not fall. The amount of weight that the lift can raise depends on the model being used.

4 Post Lifts: These have four posts. Metal ramps are fixed on the lift to help drive the vehicle on it. Once the car is in place, it is raised by simply pushing a button. The posts have self-locking system that keeps the car in its place. Once the car is locked, it is then lifted up to the required height. These are generally used to raise heavier vehicle that need more support. Some garages use these for creating additional parking space for vehicles – one is raised on the post and the other is parked below it.

Specialty Lifts: These are of various types including those with hydraulic scissor lift like function. Some specialty units include low rise car lifts,single post lifts and parking/stacking lifts.



Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi, who are into the manufacturing of these units, may or may not deal in all the varieties. However, they can help you decide the best machinery according to your usage, type of industry and the nature of vehicles you deal in. Essem Engineers are one of the reputed Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi who can be contacted.

Know your hydraulic system machinery

Hydraulic system machinery has been defined as ‘a power transmission system that uses the force of flowing liquids to transmit power’.

The hydraulic fluid in these machines flows to all the hydraulic motors and cylinders and these become pressurized. The fluid is controlled by control valves that distribute it in the machinery through hoses and tubes. The path in which the fluid flows in called the hydraulic circuit. This is of two types:

  1. Open center circuit:
  2. Closed center circuit:

 Hydraulic system manufacturers make a variety of machinery that are widely used in different industries. Hydraulic press, motors, hammers, jack, breakers, pipe benders, robots, chainsaws, etc. are a few types of popularly used machinery.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic system machinery


  • Output force can be adjusted with the help of valves that are used to adjust pressure.
  • Unlike the electric motor, this machinery can be instantly reversed when in full motion without causing any damage. Electric motors on the other hand need to be first stopped before reversing.
  • Vibration in these type of machinery is minimum. And so, the start and stop motion of these units is smooth.
  • There is less loss due to friction and therefore high efficiency.


  • Initial cost is high. However, it is made up for by the high efficiency of the machinery in the long run.
  • Oil leakage might occur and it is hazardous. Therefore regular maintenance checks are very important.
  • Filtration system is required to keep oil clean so that there is no clogging and the machine runs smoothly.


Essem Engineers are reputed hydraulic system manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi. They have a variety of hydraulically powered machinery that includes cylinders, PowerPacks AC/DC, presses and machines, interlocking paver press, scissor lifts, systems for water cannons, solid waste handling equipments, dock levelers, etc. Check out the Essem Engineers website for more details. 

What is a Hydraulic Scissor Lift?

The Oxford dictionary defines a scissor lift as “A surface raised or lowered by the closing or opening of crossed supports pivoted like the two halves of a pair of scissors.”

Scissor lifts are popularly used in a lot of industries to reach high areas of work and also to lift or lower load. It has arms that open and close like a scissors to raise and lower the height of the platform that is fixed on the top of the unit. This helps in adjusting the height of the platform according to one’s requirement.

A scissor lift can be of any of these three types:

Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Mechanical Scissor Lift
Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Hydraulically powered units are the most popularly used machinery as they can withstand huge amount of weight. These use pressurized hydraulic oil that is pumped in the machinery to make it function; that is to extend and contract its arms. These can reach up to great heights. However, care should be taken that such units have railings on the work platform to prevent workers from falling.

A hydraulic scissor lift can easily be fitted with a work platform of the user’s choice. These units can also be fitted with wheels to make moving them easier from one place to another. Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi provide custom made platforms to be fitted on the units for maximum functionality for the user.

Care and maintenance

Care should be taken while functioning the machinery. Always remember that the machine is powered by oil. This oil becomes more fluid in summers and so the unit runs a bit faster in this season.

Timely maintenance checks are necessary for long life of the machinery and safety of the users.

Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi provide a list of safety instruction. Always go through these in detail before operating the unit.