How Does A Hydraulic Car Lift Work?

Have you ever visited the garage or an automobile workshop? Then you must have wondered how the workshop guys managed to lift the cars, which weigh at least a couple of hundred pounds, to great heights in order to wash them or fix the car parts. Well, the answer is pretty simple. They use a hydraulic car lift a kind of hydraulic scissor lifts.

These can be used to lift even the heaviest cars to a certain height. These are frequently used in car parking lots of malls as well. This kind of a lift system allows you to accommodate more cars than others, which can help you score brownie points with your mall visitors.

Hydraulic Car Lifts

Now that you know what a hydraulic car lift is all about, you must be wondering how it works or functions. Well, the science behind it is pretty interesting. When you power up the lift, there is a force exerted onto a liquid which has been remaining static so far. Now that results in a pressure being generated within the entire lift. As a result of this pressure, there is a direct impact on the surface where the car is to be placed.

Now that, consequently, causes the car to be lifted and helps it remain in that position. Now you know the mystery behind that car staying suspended up there for such long periods of time. Also, the thing is, no matter how much pressure you exert, it apparently has no effect whatsoever on the hydraulic liquid. That ensures the safety of the lift, as stated by hydraulic car lift manufacturers India.

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How Safe is a Hydraulic Work Platform?

If you have ever visited a construction site or the site of any industry or factory, you must have come across a hydraulic work platform. The hydraulic work platform is a device which is commonly used to lift heavy goods from a lower to a higher level or vice versa.

Such heavy goods cannot obviously be transported manually since it poses certain threats. On the other hand, these work platforms make it a hundred times easier to carry out such functions. These work platforms are often referred to as aerial lifts in common parlance on construction sites.


Now there are a few reasons why these work platforms are immensely popular. One of the main reasons is safety. The hydraulic work platform manufacturers make it a point to use only the very best technology to make sure they are durable enough and offer adequate protection to the users. There are various kinds of controls, backup systems and even slip resistant surfaces which can help prevent deadly accidents. Construction or industrial labourers have some of the most dangerous and hazardous jobs on the planet.

These hydraulic work platforms simply make it a tad bit easier for them. Also, a hydraulic work platform comes with emergency descent and rescue which can come in handy in emergency situations or if the machines malfunction. Thus, it is important to go for machines which guarantee safety and better measures in the case of unforeseen situations.

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How Do Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables Work?

Have you ever visited any construction site? Well then, you should be pretty familiar with the concept of a hydraulic lift or more specifically, a hydraulic scissor lift table. The main purpose of this hydraulic lift technology is to make the transport of heavy goods and people from one place to another much easier. In construction sites, such heavy goods are also required to be raised from a lower level to a higher level or vice versa on a daily basis. The easiest, and not to mention, the safest way to do that would use a hydraulic scissor lift.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

It only has a few major components, without which it wouldn’t function. Let’s take a look at them :

1) Platform– Now this is the portion of the hydraulic scissor lift where the item to be lifted or transported is placed. Based on the weight of the goods, you can adjust the platform.

2) Base– The base, as the name suggests is the part which is at the very bottom. It is in direct contact with the floor.

3) Scissor legs – This is the component of a hydraulic scissor lift which gives it its interesting name. The legs have been designed in such a way that they can easily move up and down. That helps with elevation.

4) Hydraulic cylinders – Now usually most lifts have one to three cylinders actuating it. This is the component that helps the lift to lower or even elevate the product.

5) Power source – This just speaks for itself. This is the source which powers the entire lift and its importance cannot be stressed enough.

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Some Advantages Of Using A Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is a kind of device which makes use of hydraulic cylinders to generate or release a high compressive force. If you’re reading this blog, it would be safe to assume that you already know the nitty gritty that is associated with the working of a hydraulic press. But did you know that the latest technological developments have made hydraulic presses more productive, more reliable and faster than ever? It is no less than a miracle, given the countless benefits of using a hydraulic press. Are you still wondering if you should opt for a hydraulic press? Well then, these five perks should be enough to convince you.

1) With mechanical presses, there’s always a chance that you may overload it, but not with hydraulic presses. If you’re using a 100-tonne hydraulic press, remember that it’ll exert the pressure of only a hundred tonnes. That means, there’s no question of overloading it or even breaking it.

2) Hydraulic presses are really versatile. You’ll be able to use them for a number of different purposes. For example, you can use them for bonding, press fits, shell reductions, abrasive wheel forming, urethane bulging, ball sizing, rubber and plastic compression and so on.

Checkered Paver Plastic Mould

3) The mechanical presses that were found earlier on were almost gargantuan and took up a lot of space. On the other hand, these hydraulic presses are small and compact, since they’re only about eight feet tall.

4) Not only are the hydraulic presses compact and easier to use, they’re quieter as well. The ones that were used earlier would make an annoying noise which was a major pitfall. However, the present hydraulic presses manufacturers ensure that the sound generated by the machine doesn’t exceed the standard decibel levels.

Paver Press Machine

Well, there you go. These are the five most important advantages offered by hydraulic presses. As a leading hydraulic presses manufacturer, we at Essem Engineers strive to provide you with the most efficient services. We assure you, our hydraulic presses are not only safe and secure but also provide more versatility and flexibility at lower operational costs.