Durable and Robust Special Purpose Machines

Apart from transportation, the proper loading and unloading of the machines is a tedious task. Without the proper equipment, this can be hazardous for the people involved in loading and unloading and of course, the machine can also be damaged.

The special purpose machines are costly because of the expertise involved in making them and a minor damage is enough to increase the financial expense of a site. To make this task easy, a simple yet effective machine is used called as dock leveler.

A dock leveler is an adjustable platform which is used to fill the gap between the dock and the carrier. These can be operated manually, or can be powered by a direct source or a battery. These have high load bearing capacity ranging from 500 to 10,000 Kg. These can be raised to the height of about 120 – 140 cm.

dock leveler manufacturer

The mode of operation is not limited to the above three types. These can be hydraulic or air – powered and can be used by anyone. Any special training or a trained person is not required to operate these levelers. These are easy to install and have a robust built.

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