Fast and Precise Hydraulic Press

You can make your work one step easier, by choosing to utilise hydraulic power. Hydraulic machines are robust and can be used to accomplish heavy weight lifting tasks or even high precision task like cutting, milling etc.

The hydraulic machine which does all these tasks is called a hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is capable of doing operations such as forging, moulding, blanking, punching etc. The use of hydraulic control makes the work easier, faster and of high precision.

The hydraulic presses & machines are being used in numerous firms because of its ruggedness and minimum maintenance. Also, these are easy to operate. These can be controlled manually or can be PLC controlled. PLC stands for a programmable logic unit.

The use of PLC minimises the risk of defects in the product and ensures high-quality output. A press is oil cooled. Not just this, these are overload protected and hence your machine will sense an overload condition and alert you.

A broaching machine is a similar kind of machine. But it can function in two different ways. It can either work in a linear manner or in a rotational manner. A lathe machine is an example of rotational broaching. It can be used for internal or outer broaching. Essem Engineers are broaching machine manufacturers and abide by the basic norms of safety rules and regulation to deliver you best quality product.


The products by them are robust and of superior quality. Certain products can be customized as per the customer requirements. For more info, you can drop a mail on

Reliable AC Power Packs from Essem Engineers

Since the time Pascal observed and gave the Pascal’s law of pressure and area of fluid, hydraulic power is utilised in numerous ways to make the working of a society easier, faster, and more reliable. One such device which is made to utilise this power is a power pack.

A power pack utilises hydraulic power to transmit energy in order to run a hydraulic machine. It has various control valves to control the pressure and flow of the fluid and hence it can be used to power various devices.

If you need to buy a power pack, then you will have to first determine the type of work you need to accomplish with the power pack. Hydraulic power packs AC/DC are available in different sizes and shapes.


A power pack consists of

  • a reservoir which holds the fluid,
  • regulators to regulate the flow of the fluid contained in the reservoir,
  • supply line, which supplies the fluid and relief lines which control the direction of flow.
  • And at last, the motor and pump, of which the motor powers the pump and the pump creates a suction pressure to suck the fluid and then delivers the fluid to the hydraulic system.

The use of these is not restricted to just construction sites. These are used by mechanics and in all other areas where there is a need to lift things.  The general specifications is 300 LPM and a motor of variable power ranging from 0.25 HP to 50 HP.

Essem Engineers is a trusted AC power packs manufacturers who have a wide range of products to offer. We also manufacture user specified machines and hence are trusted by numerous Indian and overseas clients. For more info, feel free to drop a mail on

High Quality Machines from Essem Engineers

Aluminum and copper bar cutter are the most extensively used metals at any construction site because of their ductility and malleability. To have these metals in a desired shape, a size cutter is used. These cutters are tricky to operate and hence only experienced professionals have the authority to operate them, while sometimes even they can have a slip.

But with the precisely designed Aluminum and copper bar cutter manufactured by Essem Engineers, you can have safe and smooth operations at the work sites and can deliver the project in time by adhering to quality. The most common places of utilization of these machines are at  bridge construction sites, rail projects etc.



The cutter is made of cast iron and is hydraulically controlled. The clutch control makes the operation of this device safe, fast and accurate. The general specified model has an output of 3 tons. While the other models are customizable according to customer needs.

We, Essem Engineers are a Delhi based well known special purpose machines manufacturer. We stand by the standards and specifications of production of the machines and hence have developed a strong base of national and international clients over a decade. Also, we have made it a point, to commission the product before the final delivery to our customer. For placing an order with us, drop a mail on and you will hear from us.