Our Comprehensive Line of Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder Tie Rod

We at Essem Engineers make incessant efforts in manufacturing and supplying world-class hydraulically powered machines. Our focus lies on innovation, durability and a long service life.

Among our highly valued range of hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic cylinder tie rod is a significant product having a wide usage across industries.


Hydraulic Cylinder Tie Rod

With hydraulic, electro hydraulic and pneumatic types, these cylinders are available in bore sizes ranging from 1 in to 8 in. They come in a wide range of port style, mounting, and other standardized options to meet varied application requirements.

If we look at the functioning of a hydraulic cylinder, a cylinder that is hydraulically powered generates linear force and motion by using pressurized hydraulic fluid. The industrial machines that are powered by such cylinders are capable to form different metals or other material types at an extremely high force with a relatively smaller supply of the high pressurized fluid.

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders make use of high strength and threaded steel rods for holding two end caps with the cylinder barrels. This technique of construction most often is seen in the industrial factory applications. The small bore cylinders generally have four tie rods, while larger bore cylinders may need as many as 20 or 16 tie rods so as to retain end caps under the great forces produced. The tie rod style hydraulic cylinders can be disassembled completely for services and repairs. The NFPA has standardized all the dimensions of the hydraulic cylinder tie rod. This enables the cylinders from diverse manufacturers to interchange inside the same mountings.

Essem Engineers is the pioneer in manufacturing tie rod cylinders. We have the best in industry tie rod hydraulic cylinders manufactured using high quality raw materials. Hence contact us today for the wide ranged product!

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