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Hydraulic presses are the devices that use hydraulic cylinders to produce a compressive force. They use the hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever, and was also known as a Bramah press after the inventor, Joseph Bramah, of England. He invented the hydraulic press and was also issued a patent on this press in 1795.

The hydraulic press functions based on Pascal’s principle, i.e. the pressure throughout a closed system is constant. One part of the system is a piston acting as a pump, with a modest mechanical force acting on a small cross-sectional area; the other part is a piston with a larger area which generates a correspondingly large mechanical force. Only small-diameter tubing (which more easily resists pressure) is needed if the pump is separated from the press cylinder.

Hydraulic presses and machines are often used for clinching, forging, punching, molding, metal forming, deep drawing and blanking operations.


In the hydraulic machines category, the broaching machines are known for their accuracy and superior finish.
Broaching is a highly innovative metal cutting process, wherein the metal is detached by successive actions of the cutting teeth number incorporated in tool called Broach.

Broaching machine manufacturers provide good returns in terms of productivity and quality. Productivity expansion may take place at the rate of ten times more if broaching is used as a procedure. This is due to the fact that the rate of metal removing is much greater if broaching is used.

Industry Competent DC Power Packs

Power pack is a power source which is known to convert rotational energy into a fluid power. This rotational energy is produced by fuel powered engines or by electric motor. A wide variety of power packs are available for industry usage that converts such energy into fluid power, which in turn is used for various linear or rotary hydraulic actuators. The power packs are available as AC and DC power packs.

Focusing on DC power packs, the DC power packs find applications in tail gates, scissors lifts, dump bodies, pallet trucks, personal lifts, wheel chairs, car carriers, aerial ladders, dock levelers, tippers, mobile platforms, etc

The primary features of DC power packs include:

1. Load sensing
2. Infinite adjustable delivery
3. Automatic torque limiting
4. Delayed time adjustment
5. Controlled deceleration or acceleration
6. Auto-set pressure switch circuit
7. Can withstand harsh environments
8. Tolerate hostile conditions
9. Will work non-stop (24*7)
The DC power packs can be used in various machines like:
1. Tier Changers
2. Scooter and 3 wheeler Lifts
3. Dock levelers
4. Car Parking Systems
5. Electrical Stackers
6. Scissor Lifts
7. Car Carriers
8. Emergency lowering
9. Customized Applications
10. Car Lifts

Among the various manufacturers of DC power packs in the market, Essem Engineers is a leading DC power pack manufacturer. Our DC power packs come with temperature protector and many options of valves configurations that suit the desired application. Clients widely appreciate our power packs for its supreme performance. The power packs are manufactured using raw materials from certified vendors only.

Essem Engineers is also among the leading hydraulic power packs ac/dc suppliers. The hydraulic power packs include certain hydraulic components chosen from the universal range, which are put together using latest technology systems. These systems are designed using a modular concept with the parts having a setting for easiness of production, installation, and services. Special attention is given to minimize the noise levels of the power packs and also to other security aspects of the device. Electric motors and pumps are mounted horizontally assuring easy maintenance and coupling alignment.

We at Essem offer capacities, configurations & control options for requirement of any nature. Hence, if in need of a premium DC power pack, contact our engineers at and have it delivered at your doorstep.

All about Dock Levelers

A dock leveler as a platform is useful for transporting equipments, vehicles and other heavy devices as it helps in the loading and unloading of goods. Use of the dock leveler has become a common feature at loading bays across industries.

The dock leveler is essentially a height-adjustable platform, which is used as a bridge between a dock and the truck. It can be operated via mechanical (spring), hydraulic, or air powered systems. It reduces the risk of damage to the objects being loaded and it can also reduce risk for the people involved in the loading process.

Trailers are of the height that sometimes is not the same as of the dock (either higher than or lower than the dock). The main function of dock levelers is to move things up or down, based on where the trailer bed is situated. Hence machines like forklifts can travel to the dock safely and smoothly.

There are multiple kinds of dock levelers such as Hydraulic, Mechanical, Air-powered and Specialty. Hydraulic consists of Standard Hydraulic (RHH), the Vertical Hydraulic (RHV) and the Jumbo (RHJ) that offers full-width trailers’ access.

Air-Powered dock leveler contains Air-Tower (RHA). It is like hydraulic leveler and avoids any possible stump-out problem. The Mechanical dock leveler consists of Standard Mechanical dock levelers (RHM) and Edge-of-Dock levelers (RHE). The Truck and Railcar Activated are Specialty dock levelers for trucks and railcars.

dock leveler manufacturer

Among the multiple special purpose machines manufacturers in India, Essem Engineers figures amongst the leading few. Special-purpose machines are designed to carry out special machining operations in the production sector; dock leveler being one of them.

Highly functional and reliable, our dock leveler product variety is available in various capacities and sizes for the customers. The levelers are well designed and can aptly compensate the difference in height between different lorry ramps and floors precisely.

Having high loads bearing capacity, these levelers are also available in various tailored models in order to suit specific requirements of customers.

The primary specifications as specified by customers are listed below:
• Manual, battery operated & electric operated
• Capacity ranging from 500 to 10000 KGs
• High Load Bearing Capacity
• Easy to Install & Operate
• Long lasting, safe & reliable

Hence, if in need of a dock leveler or of any other kind of special purpose machine, you can contact Essem Engineers today and get your industry specific dock leveler delivered at your doorstep.

Performance Adept Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders By Essem Engineers

Essem Engineers nurtures a team of professionals who work to make life simpler. Always ready to move ahead and design products that can solve modern day issues and can ease the tasks of our clients, we have a clear focus on technology, design and production.

A leading hydraulic cylinders manufacturer in India, Essem counts itself as a unique manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Cylinders. Constantly reinventing and innovating ourselves, we tend to adopt practices that can help us meet client requirements in a timely manner.

Clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders are machines that use liquid as their medium for power. In this kind of machine the hydraulic cylinders manufacturer also demand for hydraulic fluid which is transmitted all over the machine and it is rushed according to its resistance presence. The fluid is to be controlled automatically or directly by control valves & distributed through tubes & hoses. The attractiveness of hydraulic equipments is owing to the huge amount of power, which can be transferred by flexible hoses & small tubes, and the soaring power density and broad array of actuators can use this power.

Clevis Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

The expert team at Essem Engineers looks after the configuration and operating specifications of the product before selecting the materials required for constructing this product. They verify the performance of the product in terms of its design, its productivity and its conformity for heavy duty and opulent working before supplying it to the clients.

The prime features of the clevis mounted hydraulic cylinders are:

• Applications in chemicals, marines, off-shore constructions
• Products range in numerous specifications
• Allows Cylinder-Rod to be connected to operate
• Includes Clevis Pin
Also, the different parameters on which the quality of product is checked are:
• Finishing
• Durability
• Design
• Functionality
• Raw materials used

The team of Essem Engineers also makes sure that our products be safely packed, set free on time, & meet the requirements of the clients adequately.