DC Power Packs – Features and Uses

Dc Power Packs have the capacity and configuration to perform varied applications. A wide selection of options and choice of pumps allow the customers to equalize it with any needed application with a dc power pack. At the same time it assures cost effectiveness in operation and best possible productivity. There are many broaching machine manufacturers who also require the dc power packs for various functions carried in their industries.

The features of dc power packs include:

1. Load sensing

2. Infinite adjustable delivery

3. Automatic torque limiting

4. Delayed time adjustment

5. Controlled deceleration or acceleration

6. Auto-set pressure switch circuit

7. Can withstand harsh environments

8. Tolerate hostile conditions

9. Will work non-stop (24*7)

The dc power packs can be used in various machines like:

1. Tier Changers

2. Scooter and 3 wheeler Lifts

3. Dock levelers

4. Car Parking Systems

5. Electrical Stackers

6. Scissor Lifts

7. Car Carriers

8. Emergency lowering

9. Customized Applications

10. Car Lifts

The DC Power Packs made by Essem Engineers include hydraulic components chosen from a world wide range present and put together through advance technology systems. These systems are made using modular concepts via components having mountings of high quality for an ease in production, installation, repair and servicing. The company is also known to be the best broaching machine manufacturer and makes best quality broaching machines, made using high quality components. The company is also signified through their promptness in delivering the required machinery.

Flange Cylinder- Finest Configuration of Cylinder

The three major and most common types of cylinder configurations can be distinguished into ram-style, tie rod and welded cylinders.

As understood by the name, ram cylinders are utilized in heavy-duty applications. They are involved in pulling the load rather than pushing the load.

The tie-rods are typically situated on the outside housing of the cylinder to provide an extra stability.

The welding flange construction cylinder has end flanges that are welded onto the barrel and an end cap is attached with each flange. The end cap is secured in its place by bolts which slip through the holes in each of the end cap and thread into tapped holes in every end flange. This structure is more compact and lighter than the regular tie-rod configuration, and this explains why the welded cylinder finds wide applications in varied mobile equipments.

A variant to this creation comprises each end cap that is threaded into the ending of the barrels. This construction, on the other hand, usually cannot hold as much of high pressure rating as held by welded cylinders and they are also more difficult to reassemble and disassemble.

There are many hydraulic cylinder manufacturers that manufacture a huge variety of hydraulic cylinders like trunnions, telescopic and clevis, etc.

Essem Engineers are known to be a huge name in the world of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. The welding flange construction cylinder offered by them are without doubt flawless and work for long durations without any damage. As a result no repairing and servicing is required for a long time.

Hydraulic Cylinder Machineries Made To Give Multidirectional Power

A hydraulic cylinder transfers the energy loaded in hydraulic fluids with a force which is used to shift the cylinder in a particular direction.

Hydraulic Cylinders, also known as Cylinder Jacks are normally used in a wide range of lifting as well as pushing applications in moving industries.

Process of Hydraulic Cylinders:

The hydraulic cylinders are machineries that are made to give multi-directional power with the help of unidirectional strokes. These are widely utilized in engineering for industrial purposes. The hydraulic cylinder manufacturers supply these products to be fitted in trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders which are highly utilized in the manufacturing of heavy industrial products.

Following is the Classification of Hydraulic Cylinders

  1. Single –Acting Cylinders

In these cylinders, the liquid is under pressure in only one side of the cylinder. All through the retraction and the expansion process, the liquid is under pressure.

2. Double-Acting Cylinders

In such cylinders, pressure on the fluid is convenient in both the directions.

Following are the Parts of the Hydraulic Cylinders:

Considerably, various components of the hydraulic cylinders are cylinder barrels, cylinder head, cylinder bottom and cylinder bottom connections. They are also made up of piston rods, pistons and the piston connecting rod. Some hydraulic cylinders might comprise the feet also. It is used to mount the barrel.

Essem Engineers are eminent hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and also make trunnion mounted hydraulic cylinders in India, and provide a varied range of hydraulic equipments for their clients. Basically the Hydraulic Cylinders are involved in various lifting jobs. We manufacture these cylinders in accordance with the set industrial standards.