A Tailor Made Machine Tool

Special Purpose Machines or SPMs are machines, which are not obtained able off the shelf. They are not enclosed within Standard Manufacturing Programs, and hence, are designed and tailor made with customers specific requirements. SPMs are also known as Bespoke Machinery.

With being the Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers, we also provide Dock Levelers. These SPMs are required for soaring production rates and consistent qualities which is today’s call in the engineering manufacturing sector. These machines help in almost every metal cutting operation viz.,milling, turning, boring, tapping, drilling, etc. These machines keep you way ahead of others, in huge production industries like electrical component manufacturing, manufacture of automobile components, pump or valve manufacturing industry etc.

SPMs are used in industries, which use machines like, Brush like De-Burring Machine, Automatic Chamfering &Drilling Machinery, Placer and Picker Units, Rotary Indexing, Digit Punching Machines, and lot more.

Essem Engineers provides SPM Machines that are useful in making the procedure speedy &automatic with the desired accuracy and Dock Levelers that are useful in bridging the elevated gap between lorry and ramp floors. As Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers, the company provides machines, which give utmostaccuracy and production, level at the same time.

Gradually the interest and demand for special purpose machines is increasing, as these machines are usefulin several applications. The tools for SPMs are designed to execute special machining operations, generally for production purposes. The examples includes gear- grinding & gear- cutting machines, honing and lapping machines, broaching machines, boring machines, etc.

Author: essem

Essem Engineers is a leading and fast growing world-class manufacturer and supplier of hydraulically powered machines. Maximizing our industry rich experience of many years, we have gained superiority in manufacturing and supplying wide range of hydraulically powered machineries including hydraulic cylinders, broaching machines, hydraulic presses, Hydraulic scissor lifts, AC/DC power packs, etc.