Special Purpose Machinery for Handling Solid Waste

Tons of garbage accumulates each day in local garbage dumping sites in the city. This has to be collected and dumped away from the city area for proper disposal and recycling. Special machines are used in the process to make things easier and quick.

These units are manufactures by various manufacturers. One of the special purpose machines manufacturers in Delhi, for example, are Essem Engineers. While industry people mostly know them and other such manufacturing units for their various other machines like hydraulic cylinders, paver press, scissor lifts, etc., they also make machines for solid waste handling.

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Some of the machines used in handling of solid waste include:

Garbage Carriers / Garbage Vehicles / Dustbin Lorries: These are used to carry the garbage from the local garbage sites to the dumping ground. They are highly durable vehicles with the ability to carry huge loads.

Auto Tipper: The auto tipper consists of a container attached at the back of the garbage vehicle. This container is loaded with garbage and on reaching the dumping ground the container is lifted with hydraulic system. This allows all garbage to slide out from the container easily. The tipper is so designed that when the heavy container is lifted, its load is still balanced and the vehicle does not overturn with the weight.

Dumper Placer: Dumper placer is used to place the container on the garbage vehicle. You must have seen huge metal garbage containers in the city area. These containers are hooked on to the arms of the dumper placer and lifted hydraulically for placing them on the dustbin lorry. Once emptied in the landfill site, these containers are kept back in place in the city area for further garbage collection.

Track Loaders: Waste handling track loaders can be used to pick up and transfer solid waste easily and with great efficiency. These are not only used for collecting waste but are also used to perform various functions at landfill sites. This machine can easily be maneuvered by the person operating it.

Special purpose machines manufacturers in Delhi can be approached for more information on the usage and functionality of these machines. Essem Engineers manufacture some of these machines; you can approach other manufacturers too if you are looking for something more.

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