Types of Hydraulic Car Lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts are used in various places for smooth and hassle free working. Car lifts for example are used not only in service stations and workshops but also in parking lots and showrooms.

Car lifts can be broadly classified into three categories:

2 Post Lifts: These help lift the vehicle on two posts therefore the name 2 Post. Apart from these, it also has 4 arms, two on each post. The vehicle, which is in between the two posts, is locked in its place by these four arms. It is then moved upwards along the posts by hydraulic movement. Once the car has reached the desired height, it is locked in its place so that it does not fall. The amount of weight that the lift can raise depends on the model being used.

4 Post Lifts: These have four posts. Metal ramps are fixed on the lift to help drive the vehicle on it. Once the car is in place, it is raised by simply pushing a button. The posts have self-locking system that keeps the car in its place. Once the car is locked, it is then lifted up to the required height. These are generally used to raise heavier vehicle that need more support. Some garages use these for creating additional parking space for vehicles – one is raised on the post and the other is parked below it.

Specialty Lifts: These are of various types including those with hydraulic scissor lift like function. Some specialty units include low rise car lifts,single post lifts and parking/stacking lifts.



Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi, who are into the manufacturing of these units, may or may not deal in all the varieties. However, they can help you decide the best machinery according to your usage, type of industry and the nature of vehicles you deal in. Essem Engineers are one of the reputed Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturers in Delhi who can be contacted.

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