Hydraulic Oil: Types and Benefits

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Hydraulic machinery manufactured by Hydraulic System Manufacturers uses high pressured fluid to apply force to drive the machinery.

A good fluid will give you a number of benefits, to name a few:

Reduced oxidation caused by heat and reaction with oxygen. Thus resulting in long life of the oil.
Good viscosity in hot as well as cold weather. Very thin or very thick oil has its problems. Thin oil leads to leaks and if it is very thick, it will not exert the proper amount of pressure for good functioning of the machinery.

Wear resistance is present in oil additives. This prevents abrasion of system parts and extend the life of the unit.
Filtration with filtration systems in the machine is effectively possible with good quality fluids. Contamination is filtered without any compromise on the quality of oil.
Foam inhibitors prevent foam and air bubbles.

There are basically three types of oils that hydraulic system manufacturers use to power their machinery:

Petroleum-based – These are also known as mineral-based fluids and are most common. Their quality depends on the additives used. The additive protects the system from rust, corrosion, improves viscosity and prevents it from wear and tendency to form foam.

Water-based – The major advantage of water-based fluids is that since their major component is water, they are good in providing fire resistance. These are used in systems where temperatures are very high and so constant watch is necessary. If the temperatures are too high, the water in the fluid may evaporate. Distilled water needs to be added in the right portion to maintain the water level and viscosity.

Synthetic – These are man-made fluids and provide good lubrication, prevent the machinery from wear and provide thermal stability. Some of the synthetic oils are also fire resistant. However, they are costlier than petroleum and water-based oils.

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